enditnow Summit

The enditnow Summit on Abuse, May 1-4, 2014, will train members and leaders how to respond to abuse victims in our churches and in our communities. If you are a church administrator, school administrator, pastor, teacher, or layperson, you are invited to attend the summit.

Featured guests include the First Responders training team from Southern Adventistist University and the North American Divsiion Family Ministries team, Claudio and Pamela Consuegra.

The enditnow Summit on Abuse is co-sponsored by the Women's Ministries departments of the General Conference and of North American Division. The summit will be held in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the church world headquarters. 

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2014 Women's Emphasis Day, You Are the Light of the World

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” Later He told His disciples, “You are the light of the world." Jesus meant that His followers reflect His light. Even though Jesus no longer walks among us on earth, when His Spirit lives in us, His light shines from our eyes and through our actions.

Jesus calls women to be beacon lights flickering in the darkness of this world. He empowers women to light the way and guide others into the safe harbor of Christ’s salvation. Click here for sermon packet.


"Nurture, Empower, and Outreach” Focus Equips Women
for Ministry

A Ministry For Every Woman:  Touch a Heart, Tell The World


“A Ministry for Every Woman: Touch a Heart, Tell the World” is a program developed by General Conference Women’s Ministries to advance the work of sharing the gospel using the methods that Christ used

There are three areas of focus when it comes to equipping, training, and inspiring women to serve:  Nurture, Empower, and Outreach.

  1. NURTUREReach up -- To help women in their devotional time and personal growth, enabling them to be nurturers in the church and community.
  2. EMPOWER:  Reach across -- To equip women for their activities and projects for the church and community.
  3. OUTREACH:  Reach out -- To help women use small group fellowship to reach others in their community.

GC Women’s Ministries provides guidelines, ideas, and resources for each of these three areas of ministry. For more information click here.



"Women in the Bible…And Me"

This set of six Bible studies examines aspects of the Christian life as seen through the stories of women in the Bible. The series is designed to encourage and motivate you to grow in Christ, and then to inspire you in sharing the lessons with a small group to nurture other women. The set of lessons is a reprint of the 2009 edition and is available through the Review and Herald Publishing Association and in your local Adventist Book Centers. To order online, go to or

See what it is all about:  Introduction  |  Lesson 1  |  Lesson 2

Nurture, Empower, Outreach - Focus equips women for ministry

(Click here for "Nurture, Empower and Outreach" bookmark

Women's Ministries New Brochure


Touch a Heart, Tell the World brochure

The updated WM brochure provides the current overview of the Department of Women's Ministries focus in ministry and resources. To download, click here.

Outreach is For Everyone postcards

If you are looking for ways to involve women in reaching out to their friends and neighbors, these 10 postcards outline ideas for outreach using their individual gifts. To download, click here.



Women's Ministries Handbook

Pastor's and Elder's Handbook for Women's Ministries:  a complete guide for local church leaders. To download this book click below:

WM Ministries Handbook (pdf)
WM MInistries Handbook Cover Page (pdf)



enditnow:  Adventists say no to violence against women

It is estimated that at least one in every three women globally will be beaten, raped, or otherwise abused during her lifetime. This is why enditnow seeks to increase personal awareness, responsibility, and involvement to effectively help end violence against women and girls in every family and community. Two new enditnow brochures are available to download. We encourage you to print and share the brochures. Become the help and hope for someone in an abusive relationship. 

 See enditnow brochures...




2014 Women Devotional Book

A good health habit is doing daily breathing exercises: fast, aerobic breaths and slow, deep-centered breaths. Another beneficial habit is daily reading of God’s Word. We suggest reading daily devotionals while deep breathing. This habit flushes out toxic mind chatter while infusing the heart with divine inspiration.

Breathe, the women’s daily devotional for 2014, is now available at your local Adventist Book Center. Your purchase of the women’s devotional directly funds scholarships to help Adventist women around the world obtain higher education.

To order online, go to or



EMPOWER: Reach Across

Outreach is for everyone! Do you believe that? Not many women believe that they can do outreach. But you can. Methods of evangelism come in many different sizes and shapes. It’s not one size fits all; but we are confident that you will find a size that will fit you and through you God will win a precious soul to His kingdom.

The Outreach is for Everyone: Women’s Ministries Evangelism Manual includes fifteen chapters. Each 60-minute chapter can be used as a training event for the women in the local church or for personal study. The material includes 15 PowerPoint Presentations.

This is a valuable resource to train and equip women for many types of evangelism. To download the material click here.





The “Homes of Hope and Healing” program involves opening our homes to our neighbors for fellowship and learning. To download the matetrial click here……

For powerpoint presentation of Homes of Hope and Healing program, click here

For 8 topics/lessons for the Homes of Hope and Healing program, click here. Topics include: Emotion, God's Provision for Anxiety, Stress, Relationships, Guilt, Good Thinking, Hope Against Depression and Resilience. 




A Ministry for Every Woman