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Happy New Year!


Dear Sisters,

Joyful New Year, my sisters! I have so much to thank God for at the beginning of this year. My heart overflows with joy at His many tender mercies in the life of my family and myself. I cannot stop thanking Him for the way He has worked in our lives. Continue reading


Heather-Dawn Small, director
GC Women's Ministries

Women’s Ministries by the numbers

GC WM 2015 Statistical Report. Read more

WM Resources

WM Resources


Be nutured and blessed by the 2017 women’s devotional Love You More. Readers are thrilled the print style is easier to read!

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Empower. Outreach.


Reach the World: Issues Impacting Children, Women, and Family International Leadership Conference will convene in Budapest, Hungary, May 10-13, 2017. Be part of the GC Women’s Ministries’ training track and become empowered for outreach.

Attend conference in Budapest Register here 
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Women's Ministries Around the World


Adventist Women's Bibles printed at Brazilian Publishing House

[Brazil] The Brazilian Publishing House prints the Adventist Women’s Bible produced by Safeliz Publishing and General Conference Women’s Ministries (GC WM). Read more

[Central America] WM congresses nurture and uplift women in Inter-American Division.
Colombia: Non-church members participate and perform well in a competition about the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Adventist Church. 
Dominica: Women desire to “reflect the light of God.”
Guatemala: Women are empowered for service.
Honduras: Women pray, “Lord, transform me.”
[Slovakia] Women’s conference provides inspiration. Read more


Northern-Asia Pacific Division WM Advisory plans next five years at division office in Korea

[Korea] Northern Asia-Pacific Division Women’s Ministries (NSD WM) advisory focuses on GC WM and NSD themes for this quinquennium, “Touch a Heart, Reach My World,” and “Women United in Ministry.” Read more

[Austria] Leadership Certification training, Level 1, empowers women for serving the Lord. Read more

[India] Leadership Certification training, Levels 1 and 2, reminds women God sees them as worthy and valuable for His service. Read more

Teens in Germany easily talk to mentors while creating Bible art

[Germany] Girls4Christ exhibit at youth congress becomes a mentoring spot for both young women and young men. Read more

When Empowerment becomes Outreach. . .

[Great Britain] Women are trained for leading the Woman of Virtue program as community outreach. Read more

[Central America] In Costa Rica and Mexico, Thinking Well, Living Well mental health seminars attract participants from the community. Read more

[Israel] Thinking Well, Living Well seminar participants become baptismal candidates. Read more


Brazilian women bring one friend to WM conference and many are baptized, even entire families

[Brazil] Each woman brings one friend to women’s conference and many are baptized. Read more

[Germany] Women’s Ministries concert introduces the community to church members. Read more

[West Africa] Women are taking the gospel to unentered areas of Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire. Their evangelistic reaping series results in many baptisms. Read more

[Kenya] Surgical suite for female genital mutliation victims opens in women’s hospital. Read more

enditnow News


Adventists help end child marriages in Bangladesh

[Bangladesh] Adventists seek to help end child marriages in Bangladesh. Read more

[India] Women rally for enditnow across India and events are covered in local newspaper. Read more

[Hong Kong] Men and women share enditnow message in Hong Kong. Read more


Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember


4 - International Women’s Day of Prayer, Passionate Prayers and Fearless Faith Download 2017 resource packet

8 - UN International Women’s Day 2017, “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50:50 by 2030”  Read more

Ministering to Women
A Patient Woman

A Patient Woman

The ABC’s of being a patient woman are:
A – Accepting others just as they are with strengths and weaknesses.
B – Believing in what they can become in Jesus.
C – Commiting them to God with your prayers.
Women's Health

Women's Health

Six Challenge Issues for Women’s Ministries includes Health Threats for women. Download new brochure

Need a 30-second video about health? Go to factswithhope.org

“Today we are combining the work
of ministry and of healing
as we have never done before.
We are working to educate our people
how to treat the body in sickness,
how to regain health,
and how to keep well when health is restored.”
Ellen G. White, Medical Ministry, p. 63.



Happy New Year! Women’s Ministries by the numbers WM Resources


Women's Ministries Around the World enditnow News Dates to Remember

Ministering to Women

A Patient Woman


Women's Health

Women's Devotional

2017 Love You More

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My Prayer Journal

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Adventist Women’s Bible

Available in local Adventist Book Centers | online here

Tips for Leaders

“A caring leadership. No other area draws Ellen White’s concern in leadership as much as in caring for the poor, needy, and marginalized. In the midst of unparalleled prosperity of our nations, neglect of the needy corresponds to spiritual poverty. The perpetual search for meaning in the workplace might find resolution in the minds of those who applied Ellen White’s counsel about serving the poor to their personal prioritizing.”

Cindy Tutsch, “Spirit-driven leadership: A perspective from Ellen G. White,” Ministry magazine, February 2010.

Healthful Living

“It is not work that kills; it is worry. The only way to avoid worry is to take every trouble to Christ. Let us not look on the dark side. Let us cultivate cheerfulness of spirit.”

Ellen G. White, Mind, Character, and Personality, 466.

See also Homes of Hope and Healing, chapter 3, "Stress"



11-21 - Ten Days of Prayer


4 - International Women’s Day of Prayer

6 - Human Rights Day

8 - International Women’s Day

22 - World Day of Water

Prayer Corner

Ten Days of Prayer

January 11-21, 2017 See more

United in Prayer

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Believe His Prophets

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Prayer 777

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Revival and Reformation

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