Mister Dog

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matt. 25:40.

One day as I was out walking an old stray dog, one of many in this area, came up beside me. I reached down and patted his head and scratched him behind the ears where it was all matted with ticks. He was pretty pitiful to look at but so happy with this little bit of attention.

Of course he followed me home where I gave him a drink of water. Then I told him, “You go on home now.” Well, he wasn’t about to walk away from a good thing. However, even though my husband loves dogs and cats, he said, “No! No dogs!”

It was getting chilly when the time came to close up the house for the night. I noticed Mister Dog was still out by the back door. He soon started whining and scratching. When that got him nowhere, he went around the house to the front door and repeated the whining and scratching. After a while, because we stayed very quiet inside, he decided to give up and leave.

After that, every time I went for a walk Mister Dog tagged along. Even if I were in the car, he’d run after me, barking. But after a few weeks of receiving no attention in return, he gave up.

There are so many people who remind me of Mister Dog. They need a kind word from someone, anyone. A little hug will do, or a hand placed gently on their shoulder. So often, though, we just pass them by—or perhaps even go the other way when we see them coming. We’d rather not speak to them because we know they will cling to us like Mister Dog clung to me, and we’ll never get away from them. We hope that, if we ignore them, they’ll find someone else to follow. Shame on us! Perhaps we need to look for the underlying problem and help to solve it. Then these people will be less dependent and clingy. If we had found a home for Mister Dog he would have left me alone, I’m sure.

What kind of Christian would do this to someone? Certainly not one who has Christ’s character. As you have done (or not done) this to the least of them, you have done this to Me, says Jesus.

Lord, help us to desire Your loving, kind spirit. We long for it, Lord.

Janet Thornton 

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