Keeping Our Priorities Right

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matt. 6:33, NKJV.

Do you suppose this text is a command from the Lord so that we, His daughters, may be in line, in harmony, with His perfect will? We may forget this many times, as we go our own way, and troubles usually follow. What are our priorities in life? Are we sometimes caught in the middle of compromise, and then give up what is right? Do we say, “Only this once, and no more”?

My oldest daughter, her husband, and their four children were visiting us when my husband and I were still working in Hawaii. Our son and his family also came. So that Christmas holiday season we had a full house. We were very delighted to have them visit us for several days. What a treat!

One late afternoon, to keep our six grandchildren “busy,” our daughter let them watch a nature video. It was interesting how a video could quiet a rowdy group of children. And I had my peaceful time too as I prepared supper for the 12 of us. Soon I announced, “Food is ready!” Well, all the children were engrossed in watching the video—all except Annelise, the next to the youngest. No one seemed to pay attention until I heard her say, in her best commanding general voice, “Did you hear what Grandma said? Food is ready!” When nobody moved, General Annelise stood up, went straight to the TV, and turned it off amid loud protests of the four older grandchildren.

I was amused about the incident, but I took note of it. Annelise’s priority was to pay attention to what Grandma was saying. And, from her perspective, not only was paying attention necessary, but obeying was also significant.

Are our priorities in line with the Master’s—or are we majoring minors? God gave us an injunction to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Perhaps we aren’t putting priorities in proper perspective in our lives. We must not forget that if we put God first as our priority that everything will fall in the proper places. As this New Year begins, we really do need to be sure our priorities are in line with God's.                                                                            

Ofelia Pangan


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