Thank God for Pain

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad. Ps. 126:3, NKJV.

I knew there was something wrong when the doctor didn’t come to see me right after my colonoscopy examination. I learned that he was waiting until my husband came to pick me up so that he could talk to us together when he broke the news: I had cancer.

I had been having some mild abdominal symptoms for some months, but it wasn’t until a month before we were to move to a different house that I really had some intermittent cramping in my abdomen. When I did go to see my doctor, we had just moved, and I had had no pain for about a week. I felt that the visit wasn’t really necessary by then, but my general practitioner said I should see the specialist anyway. By the time I saw him, the pain had returned. He thought there wasn’t anything seriously wrong, but he would arrange a colonoscopy anyway. That’s when he found it—a large cancerous tumor in the colon.

Within two weeks I had surgery to remove the cancer, as well as a more than half of my colon. The surgeon told us that the tumor had spread right down through the muscle wall of the bowel but hadn’t broken through the outer layer of cells. There were some cancer cells in the lymph vessels nearby, but none of the 12 lymph nodes removed had any cancer in them. He told us how fortunate I was that it was discovered at that point. I thought about how wonderful God is to care for me in this way. If it hadn’t been for the pain that I’d had intermittently during those three weeks before I called the doctor's office, I might not have had such a good outcome. I thank God for pain and for concerned physicians. Cancer is often not painful in the initial phase of the disease. Mine was painful because the cancer was causing intermittent partial blockage of the bowel. God was in control, though, and He saw to it that there was no pain for the week before, or the week after we moved to our house. I’ve had a course of chemotherapy, after which I was tested for cancer. It appears that I’m clear of it at present.

Yes, God is so good! I pray that He will bless you, as He has blessed me. When we stop to think about it, the Lord has already done great things for all of us. So let us be glad and give Him the glory!

Ruth Lennox 


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