The Missing Letter

You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting. Dan 5:27, NKJV.

My husband agreed to present some devotions to the Tamil people during the 1998 camp meeting in Sri Lanka. I had heard much about the camp meetings where all the believers gather—English, Tamils, Singhalese—so I decided to join him to enjoy the fellowship, the beauty of the island, and to shop for the Japanese saris.

The first time he’d been invited to Sri Lanka was in the late 1980s. He went to the airport, but that evening he walked back into the house. His flight had been canceled because of a bomb blast at the Colombo airport in Sri Lanka.

On the day of this journey we drove seven hours to the Trichy Airport, and went in. The gentleman at the counter looked at our tickets and then at us, quizzically. He flipped the sheets and looked at us again. I panicked. God, let everything be all right! Slowly and emphatically he said, “I’m sorry. Mr. Kore only can travel. Mrs. Kore is not on the list.”

“Why? We have two tickets. They were booked together by the same agent. My name should be there. Please check again,” I pleaded.

Surprisingly, we found two Mr. Kores on the passenger list—the “s” in “Mrs.” was missing. Imagine missing a long-awaited trip because of someone else’s one-letter mistake! Finally, the senior officer intervened and listened as I pleaded my case again, prayerfully. The kind officer then arranged for my boarding pass.

The camp meeting enriched me spiritually, and we prayed earnestly before going to the airport to go home. The gentleman at the counter looked at our passports and tickets, returned them, and told us to wait. We moved to the side and waited. For more than an hour. We can’t miss the flight! Lord, what are You trying to teach us? Are we harassed because we are Tamils from India? Please clear all the hindrances,” I prayed silently. We went to the counter again, fearing the outcome. But without saying a word, the man gave us our boarding passes.

Just one missing letter. . . This trip taught me that if I lack in even one small thing I will not enter the Promised Land. Praise God that Jesus can supply all I need. So I pray, Lord, let not any of us be found wanting on the Day of Judgment.

Hepzibah Kore

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